It all started around the early 90s if I remember correctly, that was the season when for the first time I got my hands on my first manual Kiev camera which, I had borrowed from a friend. 

I loved that I could play with the gears, diaphragms and experiment with manual focus, depth of field, offset and many other things.

Within a few days and I had already gained my own second hand Kiev and my own lenses…
Sometime my requirements increased and it was that time when I renewed my equipment with new machines and AF lenses of different focal lengths. 
Countless kilometers of each film type and sensitivity and endless experimentation came to tie up even more with what I adored…

Time went by and together I made my transition into digital technology. 
Studying photography, video editing, direction, and business administration significantly raised my level of expertise:

  • AKTO art & design 
  • FOCUS School of art photography, video & new technologies 
  • I.I.E.K. E.S.P.-elearning 


The ongoing training and the continuous monitoring of seminars organized by internationally renowned photographers and cameramen, significantly raised my level and also raised the number of my degrees to 47...

An important role also played my training in diving in Greece and Cyprus. 
Training in first, second and third star. (ΕΟΥΔΑΑΤΚ) 
Open water, advanced open water, CPR, EFR (Emergency first response) AED and rescue diver. (PADI) 
After acquiring my Dive master degree, the diving instructor degree was the only way…
Degrees of expertise in analog and digital underwater photography, wreck diving, cave diving and underwater scooter (DPV) 
Education in diving nitrox gas mixtures and technical diving together with degrees in limited, complete, technical, extended range. (ANDI) 
After all that and the equipment for underwater photography and video recording was soon to come. 

Astronomy and the observation of constellations, planets, nebulae and galaxies is a fascinating science. Also exciting ant at the same time difficult is to record all these in photograph and video. My next step was to enroll in two of the largest astronomy clubs in Greece and to deal with this difficult but very beautiful kind of photography and video recording.  In 2005 I officially undertook the Amateur Astronomers Association’s (agf) section of excursions for observations and Astrophotography.  In 2006 in the election of the Association of Amateur Astronomers I was called to undertake active part and as a result I am a member of the Board of the association. 

Of course I could not overlook dealing with microscopic photography. It is amazing how many things this microcosm that is around us is hiding.
Paragliding, Paramotor and air sports in general in addition to the beautiful experiences it gave me, also made me flexible on aerial photography, and aerial video recording and aerial advertising. Later on the helicopter operation (degrees: private pilot certificate & robinson safety course) gave me the opportunity to direct exactly the way I wanted my aerial photography and aerial video recordings.  I could also transfer couples in this original way to and from the church or the reception area and I could make aerial photography and aerial video recording of the wedding and the reception from any altitude I wanted. 

Today after so many years after all that and a graduate now in freefall 
(AFF COURSE - A CERTIFICATE) I can follow you on land, sky and sea and capture your favourite moments in response to your requirements and giving a lot more than you wished for. 

The recognition and partnerships with major TV channels in Greek TV (ALPHA, Tilefos) in broadcasts with large audience is today a fact, as well as collaborations with well known companies and chain stores such as ... 
Benvenuto, Lifan, Agricultural Bank, Πίττα Παν, restaurants Kiliza, 3 guys, Gyms Contour Express, Oh Lala, Facadoro, stores Super Shop, La Artigiano, Dna, Blasternet, Loumidis, Plan toys, Venetis, Caravan, Mastic, Far east, Gregory snacks, Navy green, Premaman, Schools Kapatou, Ladida, Franchise awards, Simply burger, Technokids - Technoplus ... ... ... 

A member of the Union of artists photographers of Athens (ΕΚΦΑ) and Phoebus. 

In 2007 and 2008 I took the role of rapporteur in seminars for couples to be wed in video and photo sections. 

2009 found me as a TV presenter in my own show on ecologic TV channel Tilefos. A show made with much personal efforts (shooting, editing, montage), but also with great love for photography. The show is called ''Photography and Ecology'' and the subject is video and photography throughout their range. 

The same year found me teaching in IEK ΑΚΜΗ, Section of Photography.
In 2013 I started to work in Russia as destination wedding photographer . then I had 22 weddings.
In 2014 my success continued and I had also 17 weddings in different cities.

And I go on...

T@KIS Evripiotis